five dogs in a truck

Our Rates

Our rates vary depending on the types of service we provide.

Service   Description   Rate  
Dog Walking Walking one dog for 45 minutes
Pet Sitting Visiting your dog in your home
Dog Park Taking your dog to the dog park
$20/hour plus mileage

Our Services

We provide custom services for each dog. We know that each dog has specific needs so we adjust our services to fit your dog. Whether your dog has a special health condition and needs medication or special diets or if you just want your dog to get more exercise, Jollyville Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters can help.

Dog Walking

We coordinate with your schedule. We can walk your dog whether you are at home or not. The walks are in your neighborhood. We walk on the sidewalks and stop at every crossing. If there is a park nearby, we can walk your dog there.

Pet Sitting

While you are at work or on vacation, we can come to your house and give your dog personal attention and affection. We can fill their food dish, replenish their water bowl, and give them medication.

Dog Park

Austin has several good dog parks. Your dog will travel in our vehicle and spend as much time at the park as you want. Your dog will be off-leash during this time and must respond to verbal commands. Before we can let your dog go off-leash, we require at least three 45-minute walks to make sure we can control your dog with our commands.